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Come and See US, we ARE "Your Source for Everything IT"

Come and visit us at our New Location:

795 Exmouth St

Corner of Copland and Exmouth St.

New Displays, a full range of products. if we don't have it we will get your item as short as 24 hours

Our Service area includes Desktop Area, Laptop Area and separate area for Tablet Repair

If you are looking for Gamers Video Cards, try this 8GB Strix Radeon Video Card made by ASUS

We carry premium components such as WD Hard Drives (Black), EVGA Power Suppies, Thermaltake Cases, ASUS Motherboards and components

Printers, ESET Anti-virus, Headphones, Ear Buds, and Bluetooth Personal Listening Devices

Cables and Adaptors,

Laptop AC Adaptors, New and Used, New Laptop Batteries, Cat5 and Cat6 Cables

We have network Jacks and custom cut Cat5 or 6 Cab

les to your length

We have an assortment of quality refurbished Laptops and Towers, Apple Products are available

Apple and Android Charging Cables

MICE Wireless and Corded, Powered USB Chargers and USB Memory Cards

Video Cards, Audio Cards, VGA to HDMI Convertors, Sound Cards

Custom Printer Repairs-to Some Laser Printers

Custom Built Systems

Thermaltake Case , Well Lit

i7, 16GB RAM, 6th Generation Socket 1151 Asus Motherboard, 850 WATT Power Supply, 512GB SSD V2.2

Totally Amazing.... Get your Custom Machine Built Here...

What Can I Say

WOW !!!!





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