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Yes, We offer free quotes on all systems, if we cannot fix the problem there will be no charge!!!!

We repair all makes and models, Samsung , Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Custom Made Systems.

Our Service is the finest in the Sarnia and area, We built our reputation on our pride.


Most repairs are software based, (Slow to no response, slow to start up, slow to shutdown, redirected websites), we repair these issues .


The only mechanical items in your desktop system or laptop is your Hard Drive and Fan(s)

Bring in your system and we will check it out.

Our Motherboards of Choice is ASUS, for RAM we use Kingston, Corsair, Power Supplies we use EVGA, Corsair and Thermaltake

GENERAL NOTE: If you want performance make sure that you always choose a 7200rpm or higher hard drive instead of a 5200-5400rpm one. Also note that the longer is the warranty offered by the manufacturer the more reliable the hard drive is. But that does not mean that it cannot fail at any time.

Our choice of Hard Drive replacements is the SSD-Solid State Type either 2.5" or M.2  Type,   3 Year or 5 Year Manufactures Warranty 

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