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Malware Repair, Sarnia, Ontario Canada


This page is to help you get the most years of your iPAD

Accidents happen, and sometimes updates occur and friends or family think they can update your device and suddenly you are LOCKED OUT!... Not a nice thing to go through we can help you with all of your repair needs, however to be successful we need to unlock your unit and can only be done with the original receipt!


Keep your original receipt

*store your original receipt on line in a secured file

*store your original receipt in plastic in a secure place

Create an apple ID: Store your apple ID and password in a safe place,

If you change your email update your apple ID


Apple ID

If you purchase a used ipad obtain a receipt from the individual you purchased the unit from and ask for their original purchase receipt

Protect your investment from shock heat and extreme cold

Perform all updates to allow the system to function at peak

Delete cached and temp files regularly


Don't purchase a LOCKED Unit even if it is a price that is unbelievable (because it is)

Your iPad is not waterproof Don't take it swimming

Your iPAD is not shockproof - Don't drop it

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