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We at Bluewater Tek Centre believe that Business and Professionals require IT Services and equipment but, feel that the purchase cannot be done as required, one option that we can help with is a leasing alternative. We truly believe that Leasing equipment is a viable solution to your IT needs. Before you decide we do recommend that you consult with your accountant.
We decided to work with Easy Lease Corp because of their reputation and business practices.
Equipment Leasing and Financing

We offer businesses the freedom to make flexible lease payments on NEW and USED equipment. Conserve your capital and lines of credit for more important requirements and lease with Easylease today.

Why Easylease?
Reasons why Easylease is right for your business:Excellent Customer Service
Easylease ensures all customers receive elite service by assigning all customers an individual local account leasing representative with strong leasing knowledge and experience. You local account rep is responsible for managing your account, including all inquiries from the point of inception to the point of termination of each lease contract. To ensure any queries you may have are handled personally, Easylease does not outsource  services to call centres in other time zones with agents that dont know you or have any real interest in your needs. Your business, its business financial needs and its leasing needs are paramount to us. 
Best Price and Terms

Easylease underwrites high volumes of business with over 30 different funding partners. As a result, we get preferred leasing rates and terms, which we pass on to our valued customers whenever possible. Our history of solid, strategic alliances with distributors, manufacturers and suppliers of office equipment, telecommunications equipment, computer equipment and many other products allow us to secure the best possible deals for you.

High Credit Approval Ratio

Easyleases's business financial and leasing experts work hard to package your credit in the best possible light, and present it to only a strategically selected subset of our funding partners. We can offer our applicants the security of a 95% approval ratio on all credit submissions!  Apply online to find out just how easy it can be.

Day Credit Approvals     

Easylease can offer you credit approval within minutes on amounts under $50,000, making it even easier for you to get financing. There is no need for financing to take up a lot of your time or cause delays, even for amounts over $50,000, Easylease can get back to you within 1 business day. Apply online to find out just how easy it can be.

Speedy and Convenient 

Easylease has devoted significant effort in developing advanced e-commerce functionality, enabling instant online tracking and reporting on leases. From instant online credit scoring to customized online lease calculators, this unique suite of e-tools makes it easier than ever before to effortlessly obtain financing and manage your leases.  Apply online  and get a response within minutes for lease amounts up to $50,000!    Try the Calculator

Reporting and Asset Tracking

Easylease advanced web-based system can provide online asset tracking via a simple web interface. Easylease™s Asset Tracker provides a one-stop solution to tracking your assets and leases regardless of how many different locations or leasing companies you deal with. Easylease can also customize reports to meet your specific needs, and notifies all lessees before end of term, as well as keeping in contact with you throughout the term of the lease.

Perfect for New Businesses

Easylease maintains relationships with a select group of funding partners that specialize in financing for relatively new businesses and start-ups. This gives us the unique ability to obtain credit approval for companies who have been in business for even under one year. Take the business financial pressure off and financially leverage your new business the secure way while not forfeiting any of your business goals.   Check the Calculator for your Leasing requirement...

Supports Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses Financial Needs

With years of experience supporting multi-level companies in many different sectors all across Canada, Easylease has created a strong system to help businesses gain the financial help they need to elevate their growth no matter what size of an organization they are. Your business can have confidence while working with Easylease towards your leasing goals.

Choose Easylease as your finance company because it makes financial business sense.  
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